Prove welcomes Christiaan to the team

At a global political stage, the world’s in anticipation of president-elect Trump moving into the white house, taking over after 8 years of Obama-administration. Irrespective of political denomination and personal views on whether a Trump administration will make the world a better place, in our own Prove Engineering bubble we’re also going through a transition from “Yes, we can” to “Make .. great ..”.

In 2015, we started Prove Engineering, looking to add value for our clients and working on exciting process engineering projects. As we were both new to running a business, in addition to proving to our clients that we could get the job at hand done, we had to prove to ourselves that we could be successful at managing our own process and project engineering consultancy firm. A year and a half later we can confidently confirm “Yes, we can”.

During the past years we’ve had to pass on a number of opportunities, simply because we didn’t have the resources to take on more work. In order to grow our business, we decided to look for a process engineer that could fit to our team, that would add to our strengths and aid to our weaknesses. The response we received on our personnel ad was overwhelming and the conversations we’ve had with a number of candidates have strengthened our conviction that our views on engineering consultancy are wide-spread among our peers.

We’re excited to report that in the end, we’ve contracted Christiaan Koppenaal as our new team member, starting per January 1st 2017. Christiaan is 30 years old, has 6 years of professional experience as a project and process engineer at Krohne Oil and Gas and at Tebodin and comes with a master’s degree in chemical engineering from the Eindhoven University of Technology. We’re very much looking forward to working with Christiaan.