Prove joins essence of cost engineering course by DACE

DACEEver seen a Hollywood blockbuster where the accountant saves the world and rides into the sunset with that beautiful blonde, or bought your kid that action hero figure holding an abacus instead of a plasma rifle? Probably not; maybe that’s why accountancy isn’t the kind of job that is widely associated with adventure or pizazz. Ask a 100 kids what they want to become when they grow up, chance is none of them will say they want to become an accountant.

Truth be told, process engineer and project manager probably won’t rank high on the young adolescent wannabe hit-list either, but personally, we hold the view that our line of work is far more exciting than that of an accountant. However, as the work that we do, aims to add to our customers’ business values, we can’t help but running into accountants every once in a while. Being able to justify our project budgets, monitor project cost development and predict overall project cost and cash flow, helps us to reduce these run-ins to a bare minimum and aids an efficient transfer of information.

To stay in tune with the latest on cost engineering and pickup some tips and tricks on project cost management, Jos attended a 2 day course on the Essentials of Project Cost Control, organised by DACE, the Dutch Association of Cost Engineers.

Following up on his significant achievement of staying awake during instructions, Jos is looking forward to apply his learnings, helping to further improve service to our customers.