Prove Engineering family expansion

We’re probably not the first to note the similarities between managing a start-up business and raising your first child. The lack of formal qualifications required to becoming an entrepreneur or a parent and the teething problems associated with both are just 2 examples. Sticking with the metaphore, supposedly, finding a school or arranging birthday parties for your child could represent taking on new projects. Similarly, hiring new employees could be ‘translated to getting your child in contact with playmates.

When we fathered Prove Engineering we had high hopes for our kid, but didn’t know whether it would survive in a competitive world. Three and a half years on, our baby is growing stronger and we’re increasingly confident it is filling a void; not just in our lives, but also in the lives of people we deal with on a professional basis. As its world is expanding , so is its need of friends.

Almost 2 years ago we found our first ‘playmate’ when we hired Christiaan. As we started doing projects for new clients whilst continuing to serve existing ones, we uncovered a need for additional support to help us taking on opportunities that we had to pass on before because of a shortage of manpower.

We’re happy to report that we’re expanding our team from 3 to 4 as of November 1st. We consider ourselves fortunate to have bumped into Jan-Willem Oomkes and that he’s accepted a position as process engineer with Prove Engineering. Jan-Willem holds a bachelors degree in biotechnology and a masters degree in life science and technology from Delft university and has most recently held process engineering and consultant positions at Sanquin and Xendo. His education in biotechnology adds another facet to our otherwise mainly chemical and mechanical based process engineering foundations and his life science education and recent working experience strengthens our service portfolio, specifically for clients in biotech-industries.

We’re very excited to have found ourselves a new playmate and are very much looking forward to working with Jan-Willem.