Detailed engineering

Your new plant looks absolutely great on a Process & instrumentation Diagram, but that 10 centimeter line between the outlet of the tank and the inlet of the short path distillation unit is actually 30 meters long and there are two big filter units standing in the way.

What you need are isometrics showing the exact route of every pipe and designers that take into account the function of every line. If there is edible product flowing through these lines we will make sure the system is drainable, cleanable and not susceptible to microbiological growth. If hygiene is not critical, which is the case for thermal oil lines, we will concentrate on safety and the avoidance of stress on piping due to thermal expansion.

What that beautiful P&ID will also not tell you is how your new or refurbished process is going to be controlled and how the safety is going to be warranted. We can help you to define safety interlocks and process alarms and to prepare a process control narrative, aiding internal discussions about safety and providing valuable input for your operation manuals and for operator training sessions.

If you’re used to working with the same suppliers and contractors, we can make a shopping list or prepare a scope of work and ask them to quote. Ever felt that this contractor does not always share your sense of urgency or that supplier might be ripping you off on price? We can also help you getting competing offers from other suppliers and contractors and help you to evaluate their bids.

All that we do in the detailed engineering phase focusses on ticking all the boxes and preventing those awkward “Oops, we forgot” moments during construction and commissioning.