Construction management

If we’ve helped you out with the detail engineering of your project, proceeding to managing its construction is only a small step. We setup pre-construction meetings to ensure that all contractors working on the installation of the project, sing to your site safety hymnbook and continue to monitor compliance throughout the construction process, redirecting contractors where we need to. Site safety, both at the construction site and in neighbouring facilities, remains paramount!

The last thing you want, is for your production processes to be significantly affected by the project installation activities. We make it our business to minimise the impact of project construction work on your ongoing production, prefabricating what we can and clustering tie-ins to existing processes into meticulously scheduled efficient shutdowns. Although temporarily, your site will be an actual construction site, we’ll plan the presence of contractors and the delivery of equipment in such a way that it only looks like a construction site for as short as possible.

However well prepared, planned and scheduled, in our experience, installation projects only rarely follow protocol to the letter. Managing deviations to the plan or schedule; making plan and schedule adjustments and keeping stakeholders informed of these changes requires a short link to suppliers and contractors, an adaptive mind-set and a cool head: enforcing commitments on the one hand and looking for damage control opportunities on the other. For smaller projects we won’t bother rigging up daily stakeholder meetings, but for larger construction projects and depending on the degree of adherence to plan, we may.

Following, but ideally during construction, we’ll start testing whether the installation that you’ve bought, meets the requirements that you’ve specified. Depending on your requirements, these tests involve at least basic commissioning checks to confirm, for instance, that installations are free of leaks and instrumentation is connected properly and could, depending on the markets that you are serving, also include more rigorous validation and qualification trials. We consider training your staff to operate and maintain the new installations, part of the commissioning package, aiding a smooth handover from the projecting to the manufacturing department.
This highly dynamic, high stakes construction and commissioning environment is where we thrive.