Basic Engineering

So it has been decided…the project lights are green, budget has been approved and you are ready to start the construction of your new facility or process extension. Time to move on to the next engineering phase. Prove can help you structure your project and execute all the necessary steps for your basic design.

We can develop your Process Flow Diagram into more detailed Process & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID’s) and then derive the required lists such as the instrument, equipment, valve and line lists from these P&ID’s in a fast and efficient way.

To avoid installation of a huge pump forcing fluids through a straw sized tubing or having fluid dribbling into a wishing well sized pipeline, Prove can help you size pumps and pipework to match your process flow requirements.

Drafting how we think your process should be controlled and assisting you by visualizing your new process modification in a basic lay-out, will help you to “sell” your project within your organization.

All these engineering documents are wonderful but worthless if the process we design is unsafe or if we can’t meet planning and budget expectations.┬áThat is why we will keep a close eye on the planning and budget and are able to perform a HAZard & OPerability (HAZOP) study to make sure the new facility is as safe as reasonably achievable.