Prove & Trees for all

Part of caring responsibly for Prove Engineering is caring for the environment we operate in and being aware of the impact our actions have on that environment. Last month, the intergovernmental panel on climate change IPCC issued their 6th assessment report that painted a grim outlook of global warming developing at an increasing rate, leading Read more about Prove & Trees for all[…]

Project focus – Ewout Feenstra

One of our clients located in the Moerdijk industrial area had developed a project to further enhance their plant safety. Among other aspects, changing gear boxes and motors and improvement of production hall ventilation were specifically targeted. Prove Engineering were asked to provide project management support and manage the installation on site. Working with SPIE Read more about Project focus – Ewout Feenstra[…]

Prove Engineering @ KraftHeinz

Dutch cuisine probably wouldn’t rank high on a global culinary hitlist, if such a list were to exist. We might win our fellow Earthlings over with our pastries, like ‘stroopwafels’ or ‘poffertjes’ or with the chocolate sprinkles that we put on our sandwiches, but ‘hutspot met klapstuk’, ‘boerenkool met worst’ en ‘Hollandse Nieuwe’ require advanced Read more about Prove Engineering @ KraftHeinz[…]

Prove Engineering family expansion

We’re probably not the first to note the similarities between managing a start-up business and raising your first child. The lack of formal qualifications required to becoming an entrepreneur or a parent and the teething problems associated with both are just 2 examples. Sticking with the metaphore, supposedly, finding a school or arranging birthday parties for your child Read more about Prove Engineering family expansion[…]

Prove Engineering & Marin’s Sling Project

  Most of us will have played with toy boats in the bath tub or in a nearby stream at one time or other. Some of us may have taken up sailing later in life based on those first experiences and others may have lost interest, but anyone that has ever played with a toy boat will acknowledge Read more about Prove Engineering & Marin’s Sling Project[…]

Prove Engineering rents new office space

Looking at the first month of 2017 in the rear-view mirror, it feels like we’ve been busier than ever. Having welcomed our first employee and having introduced ourselves to a couple of new potential clients, we’ve been working to scope out engineering work for bot h existing and new contacts, whilst continuing work on the projects that we’re already Read more about Prove Engineering rents new office space[…]