Prove Engineering @ KraftHeinz

Dutch cuisine probably wouldn’t rank high on a global culinary hitlist, if such a list were to exist. We might win our fellow Earthlings over with our pastries, like ‘stroopwafels’ or ‘poffertjes’ or with the chocolate sprinkles that we put on our sandwiches, but ‘hutspot met klapstuk’, ‘boerenkool met worst’ en ‘Hollandse Nieuwe’ require advanced Read more about Prove Engineering @ KraftHeinz[…]

Prove welcomes Christiaan to the team

At a global political stage, the world’s in anticipation of president-elect Trump moving into the white house, taking over after 8 years of Obama-administration. Irrespective of political denomination and personal views on whether a Trump administration will make the world a better place, in our own Prove Engineering bubble we’re also going through a transition Read more about Prove welcomes Christiaan to the team[…]