A new loot to the Prove Engineering tree

In our childhood and teenage years we grow as we get older. The same goes for Prove Engineering. Since our conception in 2015, we’ve grown modestly but steadily, from the 2 founding fathers in 2015 to the team of 4 process engineers we are today.

When we set sail in 2015 we didn’t aim to become a huge engineering firm. In fact, we still don’t. We simply enjoy process engineering and project management too much to allow our company to grow to a size that it consumes all our time and effort managing it.

At the infant age we are as a company, however, we still enjoy every little bit of growth, marking the milestones on our metaphoric doorpost.

Today marks another growth milestone as we´re glad to report that we´ve hired Ewout Feenstra to expand our engineering team. When we hired our first engineers, the recruitment process took a couple of months, but similar to our bodies growing slower as we get older, finding Ewout took us over half a year.

Ewout comes with an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from Leeuwarden polytechnic and with over 12 years of experience as process and operations engineer in oil and gas industries.

We look forward to working with Ewout and to introducing him into chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.